Public Speaking




Public Speaking Examinations:

Grade 1 – Grade 8


Medal Grades: 3, 6, 7 and 8


Communications ANEA
Teachers LNEA


UCAS Points: 8 – 30 subject to pass mark

Grades: 6, 7 and 8

For Learners who have the opportunity to take these exams before GCSE or A-Level they will benefit greatly from the skills they will develop. However, these exams can be taken at any time, the skills acquired being timeless and necessary.

This discipline is a cornerstone to our everyday interactions with those around us; no longer only the formalised debate or lengthy oration, but the aide to confidence when speaking in front of classmates, work peers in meetings, when presenting ideas and in most walks of business.

Public Speaking examinations train the Learner to shape ideas and present them calmly, clearly and coherently; to prepare concise and interesting presentations and to gain confidence when speaking aloud by knowing that detailed groundwork releases the panic of underprepared speaking.

The Learner will study how to use notecards with salient points to remind them of the direction and flow of their speech, and how to shape and formalise their thoughts and ideas into speeches of any length with clear beginnings, middles and ends. They will learn how to use their voice to best advantage, how the use of modulation, pitch, pace and tone will colour their speech and bring their subject to life, and how safely to project their voice to reach any size audience. Exercises in relaxation will help the most nervous speaker gain the confidence to speak with fluency and a steady pace.

Learning and Development

NEA’s Public Speaking examinations allow candidates to develop self confidence, communication and presentation skills as set out in the NEA Syllabus through:

  • Vocal Techniques
  • Self Confidence
  • Planning
  • Speech Contruction
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Clear Speech
  • Clarity of Though
  • Sharing of Ideas
  • Engaging Audience Interest