Choral Speaking




Choral Speaking Examinations:

Grade 1 – Grade 8

Choral Speaking is a melodious and poetic engaging and enjoyable art form, working as a group to form a choir (of at least 6 people) and to explore unison speaking of poetry. Developing the effective use of light and shade of different voices to build atmosphere, humour, tension, by blending voices together to entertain your audience and yourselves. Learners will learn to create a recital of poems and or prose, creatively linking them through introduction, middle and end. Visual presentation with accompanying movement and background music may enhance the performance.

In Choral Speaking examinations Learners will be asked to present poems. As they progress through examinations they will include poetry and prose or a combination of both, set themes will challenge learners to explore their creativity and imagination.

Groups should consider Choral Speaking as an alternative to acting and drama based examinations such as ActingDevised DramaMimeMusical Theatre and Recital Examinations.

Learning and Development

NEA’s Choral Speaking examinations allow Learners to develop an appreciation and interpretation of poetry and prose, they will learn to develop their voices creatively and as a choir using their imagination and creativity. Individuals will develop their communication skills as they work as a group, through:

  • Working as a team
  • Learning to speak in unison
  • Use of voices within a choir
  • Planning and research of poetry and prose
  • Speaking of poetry and prose
  • Audience communication
  • Delivering a performance