Devised Drama




Divised Drama Examinations:

Preparatory – Grade 8


Medal Grades: 3, 6, 7 and 8

Solo and Duologue


UCAS Points: 8 – 30 subject to pass mark

Grades: 6, 7 and 8

Developing creativity, Learners will be able to let their imaginations spread wide and broaden their performance proficiency from the source material. Taking the theme, story, fable or picture as a starting point only, the Learners can use all their acting techniques, spatial awareness and vocal skills to build their own piece of theatre. The inclusion of soundscapes, physical theatre, music and movement are all allowed in these exams. Great for building confidence.

There is no right or wrong in this exam, the stimulus is simply there to allow the Learners imaginations to run with their own ideas. When working with more than three Learners, developing group cohesion through a sharing of ideas and dramatic structure and working as a team are all part of the challenge.

The group exam is also useful “practice” for GCSE Drama, A level Drama and Theatre Studies. Higher grades, carry UCAS points.

Exams cover the devised scheme and discussion in character, becoming more involved as the learner moves through the grades.

Learning and Development

NEA’s Devised Drama examinations allow Learners to develop self confidence, stretch their imagination, creativity and spontaneity as set out in the NEA Syllabus through:

  • Stage Craft
  • Creative and Interpretive techniques
  • Understanding of dramatic structure and narrative
  • Vocal Techniques
  • Physicality
  • Characterisation