NEA’s presents one of the first Professional Development Days specifically aimed at Grade 4 and 5 Speech and Drama.

Speech and Drama Professional Development Day – 5th November 2016 – Ireland – Book Here
Speech and Drama Professional Development Day – 7th January 2017 – London Book – Book Here

Focusing on each of the requirements for Grade 4 and Grade 5 Speech and Drama:

– speaking from memory a poem from the prescribed list;
– performing a passage of prose/speech from a play;
– sight reading;
– discussion with examiner

Teachers will receive a booklet for each of the grades which will include guidance on how to approach the preparation of pieces and how to prepare for discussion with the examiner, as well as clear guidance on the theory for each grade.

Sample examples of appropriate pieces for sight reading will be included. Teachers will also have the opportunity to ask questions and/or clarify any issues.