Group Performance Examinations (Filmed)

Group Performance

NEA is the first Examination’s Board to film Group Examinations.  Filming the performance gives the Examiner time to consider each Learner’s performance and carefully mark each individual’s contribution within the context of the performance itself.

NEA’s Accredited Group Examinations are unique, with each Learner being marked on their individual performance within the group and receiving their own individual report form, mark and certificate.  These accredited group examinations are available for groups of 3 or more Learners and there is no maximum number of Learners in a group.

Teachers must ensure that each Learner has a minimum of 3 lines in order that they can be successfully marked on their contribution.  Learners will take part in the Discussion element of the Examinations in groups of between 2-3 Learners.

Teachers can be assured that Examiners will be able to film a Group Performance and each Learner will be individually assessed, examined and marked.