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Verse speaking is a melodious, poetic engaging and enjoyable art form, working individually to explore the speaking of poetry.  Developing the effective use of light and shade of your voice to build atmosphere, humour, tension to entertain your audience. Students will learn to create a recital of poetry, creatively linking them through introduction, middle and end.

In Verse Speaking examinations Learners will be asked to speak poems from memory, with clear speech using imagination and creativity.

These examinations are an excellent accompaniment to Tramadol Order By Mail and Tramadol Order Uk Examinations.

Learning and Development
Through NEA’s Verse Speaking syllabus Learners will develop a love of poetry, clear speech, and understanding of diverse forms of poetry, confidence and self enrichment as well as developing research, imagination and creative skills through:

  • Research
  • Studying the different forms of poetry
  • The practice of clear speaking
  • Performing the art of verse speaking

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